February 22, 2017

A Basic Vocabulary of Scientific and Technological German by J. Horne

By J. Horne

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Stv. s. u. s. w. u. , Tfl. u. a. a. O. u. dgl. u. , uff. umg. U. ung. A LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS in my view ministry communication collaboration monthly number as far as I know, to the best of my knowledge Nachricht information, communication Niederlage depot, branch postscript Nachschrift persönlich personal(ly) Postskriptum postscript Referat; Referent scientific paper; scientist giving paper, referee (in application) Report report respektive respectively, or rather siehe see, cf. siehe auch see also schriftlich in writing sogenannte(r) so-called (often left untranslated) Spalte column Supplement supplement Stahl, Staffel, Stellung steel, echelon, detachment, position Stellvertreter deputy, representative siehe unten see below siehe weiter unten see further below Tafel table, chart und an anderen Orten and elsewhere und dergleichen and more of the kind und folgende and the following umgeändert altered unter Umständen under certain circumstances, sometimes ungefähr approximately meines Erachtens Ministerium Mitteilung Mitwirkung Monatsheft meines Wissens A LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS vb.

V. start off, initiate, prepare Anbau, m. ); additional building, annexe (Build). v. v. ) Anbohrer, m. v. v. ); start something new Anbruch, m. ) andauernd, continuous, constant Andenken, n. v. change, alter, modify Andorn, n. v. turn on, switch on, start (motor) androgén, male producing, from man andromorph, male-shaped, like a male Andruck, m. v. v. ) Anemograph, m. v. drive up, start driving, draw up to Anfall, m. ), residue, result (Chem. v. attack, precipitate anfällig, liable, susceptible anfänglich, initial(ly), at first, in the beginning anfangs, initially, in the beginning, to start with Anfaßknopf, m.

Lie next to, border on, be adjacent Anliegen, n. request, wish Anmerkung, / . note, footnote, remark Annahme, / . assumption, belief, hypothesis, acceptance Anordnung, / . ) anorganisch, inorganic Anorganologie,/. v. v. adapt, adjust Anpassungsfähigkeit,/, adaptability Anprall, m. v. v. v. v. v. , Chem. v. ), arrange Anreißgerät, n. v. v. call on the phone, phone up, ring Ansager, m. v. collect, accumulate ansässig, resident, domiciled Ansatz, m. v. v. v. v. whet, sharpen, grind slightly Anschlag, m.

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