February 22, 2017

A reference control architecture for service robots by Ortiz Zaragoza, Francisco José; Alonso Cáceres, Diego;

By Ortiz Zaragoza, Francisco José; Alonso Cáceres, Diego; Pastor Franco, Juan Ángel; Álvarez Torres, María Bárbara; Iborra García, Andrés José

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As of the second phase of Pookie (Lawrence, 2002), the VW engine was replaced by a hydraulic pump system, a Hatz 40 Horsepower hydraulic motor manufactured in Germany and used on numerous small vehicles in the mineral mining world. The motor is capable of traveling at 10 kilometers per hour, slow for the movement of a Pookie between targets, but a good average speed for quality GPR data gathering. Pookie was set to run on slightly inflated tiers, delivering a weight distribution that exerts a pressure of only four pounds per square inch per wheel on the road surface.

A triangular frame connects the wheels. This frame supports holding the control electronics and the batteries. 1 m/sec. Two versions of this robot have been developed (Tridem I and II). Figure 24 illustrates different versions of AMRU and Tridem robots. d) Tridem robot series Fig. 24. 11 WHEELEG (University of CATANIA, Italy) Since 1998, the WHEELEG robot has been designed and built for the purpose to investigate the capabilities of a hybrid wheeled and legged locomotion structure in rough terrain (Muscato & Nunnari, 1999; Guccione & Muscato, 2003).

A teleoperated platform was chosen to improve safety to the operators and the platform was customdesigned to have a low signature, in particular ground pressure, with respect to anti-tank mine fuzzes to increase system survivability. The IL-RDV is a part of a larger system called Improved Landmine Detection System (ILDS) that consists of two teleoperated vehicles (the RDV and the protection vehicle (PV)), and a command control vehicle. This completion schedule of this system was during 2002. ILDS was deployed in Afghanistan during 2003.

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