February 22, 2017

Advances in Geophysical Research. Volume 2 by Editorial Committee of Advances in Geophysical Res Editorial

By Editorial Committee of Advances in Geophysical Res Editorial Committee of Advances in Geophysical Res

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19) ||<5i>|l2=mm. 32 \\PB(t^-Am2ôv)-Box\\22=mm. (20) Il (5x||2=min. To make up for the lack of information about the deep layer, we can make use of the teleseismie data. Ac­ cording to [2), to eliminate the influence of the origin time, and that of the ray path outside of the hypocentral region and theresearchregion,we should select the teleseismie events with well distributed position and distance. For the kh teleseismie event, we can obtain the following equation tl=(Ai-Âi)ôv+Âiôv (21) and the component of f, is (ti^Oij-ty, (22) (Γ)ώ /y=Ty(5 / | r ) + Here tjj are the arrival times when the ray strikes at the bottom of the research region; Sinc and Sj represent the lengths of the ray from the hypocentre to the bottom of the research region and to the seismometer respectively.

For the fine struc­ ture, we have to introduce interlaces into the model. In this case, we should give the velocity at the two sides of the interface in the initial model. 2. Ray Tracing After separation of parameters with the introduction of the orthogonal projection operator PB, more than half of the time of calculation in the simultaneous inversion will be spent on the forward problem; that is, to work out the ray path are the travel time from the sources to the seismometers. Therefore, ray tracing is not only con­ nected with the result of simultaneous inversion but also decides the practicability of the method.

3 Mr. 3 64 1 6Τ estimated from macroseismic materials; Catalogue of Chinese Earthquakes, 1977; New Catalogue of Strong Earthquakes in U. S. S. 0 Table 2 . (Continued) (2) M A1 MA2 1 No. 0 Table 2. OC No. 9 105. 1 (3) MA2 Tabk 2. No. 6 . 4 1 MC2 6T. 2 (4) MA2 Tabk 2. o No. 0 (5) MK2 Table 2. No.

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