February 22, 2017

Agrochemicals in Soils by A. Banin

By A. Banin

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Data presented are averages from several experiments on different soil types over a four-year period, and these data are thought to represent average responses which would be obtained in commercial fields in Indiana. TABLE 1 RECOVERY OF FERTILIZER N IN THE SPRING AFTER FALL APPLICATION TO INDIANA SOILS CROPPED TO WHEAT. Form ofN applied Ca(N0 3 ) 2 (NH4), S0 4 (NH4)2 S0 4 + nitrapyrin Added N recovered as (NHA + NOJ - N in upper 60 cm of profile 1974 1975 % 15 20 59 30 92 93 Losses of Applied Nitrogen Table 1 gives results from a two-year study on the recovery of fertilizer N applied in the fall (September and October) to soils cropped to wheat in southwestern Indiana.

Nitrites and nitrates were found in all cases in very small quantities and are therefore not recorded. Urea and UAS treatments show very similar reactions. Both fertilizers, when surface-applied, lost about 18% of their N by volatilization as ammonia. Also, almost all of the urea N was transformed into ammonia within that time (Table 6). Some changes in ammonia distribution in the three layers were noted with time, indicating diffusion from the high concentration on the surface. The high pH values are consistent with the ammonia concentration on the surface.

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