February 22, 2017

America's Secret War: Inside the Hidden Worldwide Struggle by George Friedman

By George Friedman

Dubbed via Barron's as "The Shadow CIA," George Friedman's worldwide intelligence corporation, Stratfor, has supplied research to Fortune 500 businesses, information retailers, or even the U.S. executive. Now Friedman promises the geopolitical tale that the mainstream media has been not able to discover -- the startling fact in the back of America's international coverage and struggle attempt in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond.

Stratfor, one of many world's most precious deepest international intelligence corporations, has an unequalled skill to supply transparent standpoint at the present geopolitical map. In America's mystery battle, George Friedman identifies the United States' most deadly enemies, delves into presidential concepts of the final area century, and divulges the true purposes in the back of the assault of 9/11--and the Bush administration's motivation for the battle in Iraq. It describes in eye-opening element America's covert and overt efforts within the worldwide conflict opposed to terrorism: not just are U.S. armies in strive against on each continent, yet considering that September 11 the intelligence prone of dozens of countries were working in shut partnership with the CIA.

Drawing on Stratfor's sizeable information-gathering community, Friedman offers an insightful photograph of today's international that is going a long way past what's suggested on tv and in different information media.

Al Qaeda's warfare plans and the way they ended in 9/11

The chance of a suitcase nuclear bomb in long island and the way that modified the process the war.

The deal the U.S. made with Russia and Iran which made the invasion of Afghanistan attainable -- and the way these offers have an effect on the USA today.

How worry and suspicion of the Saudis after 11th of September tore aside the Bush-Saudi courting and why Saudi Arabia's closest pals within the management grew to become the Saudi's worst enemies.

The genuine purposes at the back of George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq and the way WMD grew to become the canopy for a far deeper game.

How the CIA miscalculated approximately Saddam Hussein's and Iran's genuine plans, leaving the U.S. slowed down within the war.

How the struggle in Iraq begun with a ruse, pretending "target of opportunity" assault on Saddam Hussein had offered itself.

The genuine tale approximately why the U.S. increases and lowers its alert prestige and why the USA can't locate and ruin al Qaeda.

The strategic successes which are slowly prime the USA to victory

America's mystery struggle is an unheard of examine the recent global warfare being waged behind-the-scenes this day. it really is guaranteed to stir debate and seize headlines round the world.

From the alternate Paperback edition.

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